Street Team 

Our street team is the power behind your print campaign.  Funk Baby will develop a campaign strategy, identify your target demographic, determine the appropriate length & size of a campaign tailored for you, as well as consult on material design & print.  Our Street Team distributes marketing materials to partnering businesses or directly to your audience at special events and concerts.  We make word of mouth our profession!


Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors are your walking, talking billboards.  Let Funk Baby take on the tasks of assembling, training and managing your team of Brand Ambassadors. Our network of highly qualified individuals are experts in cultivating relationships so that your brand can increase its social reach, engagement and drive traffic. Whether it be exposure of your brand through an online community of social influencers, or the vivacious group we individually select to engage with a crowd, our team is the best choice.  Funk Baby's Brand Ambassadors will be educated with an understanding of the brand’s objectives so they can apply their unique skills and expertise to activate your goals.


Alternative Events

Do you have an idea that needs extra umph? Are you almost ready to produce your event, but don't have the staff to support you?  From live paint battles to Mardi Gras marching Krewes, Funk Baby has that extra flavor you’re looking for to bring your event from successful to unforgettable.  Our team is ready to bring your concept to life!